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Data and tools

Input and output data in calculating metallurgical parameters, costs and prices 

Initial data of agglomeration and blast furnace:

  1. Chemical analysis and physical characteristics of burden components and injection fuels;
  2. The price of the burden component or only the price of the reference component;
  3. Parameters of chemical and physical transformations in the blast furnace;

Setpoint and limit values:

  1. ► „Percent of coke reserve“ or ► “Standard Index of direct reduction”.
  2. Intensity of blast furnace work per gas.
  3. Salg basicity: CaO/SiO2.
  4. Setpoints (optional):
    %Mn …in iron Slag quantity per iron %MgO. in slag.
  5. Limit values (optional):
    Mn,P,Cu,Ti,As,Cr,V,Sb,Ni,Sn    in iron;   
    Al2O3, MgO,BaO and Q in slag;
    alkalis, ZnO, S  in budren.
  6. Consumption or consumption limit of some of burden materials or of fuel injection;
  7. Fixed cost indicator.
  8. Choice of calculation methods:
    No optimization;     or optimization per
    minimum production cost or
    maximum productivity.

Calculated parameters:

  1. Quantityes of burden and fluid components, as well as chemical and thermal parameters regulating the operation of BF ► “From above” (through the troath) and  ► “From below” (through the tuyeres).
  2. ► Blast furnace metallurgical characteristics of each burden component, which entered the blast furnace directly or through its own agglomerate (sinter, pellets, briquettes).
    ► Summary material and heat balance of the blast furnace process. ► Balance of each of the chemical   elements.
    Chemical composition of iron, slag and gas. ► Standard and actual top gas temperature.
  3. Agglomeration characteristics of each component that has gone through its own agglomeration.
    Heat balance of agglomeration, calculated consumption of solid fuel, ignition gas and total air.
    Chemical composition of own agglomerate.
  4. ► Standard, minimum possible and realistic „Index of direct reduction
    (when „Percent of coke reserve“ is setpoint) … or alternatively:
    ►„Percent of coke reserve“ (when “Standard Index of direct reduction” is setpoint).
  5. ► Ideal, minimum possible and realistic coke consumption. ► Degree of BF gas utilization.
  6. Techno-economic price of burden components and injection fuels (optional).
  7. Production costs, variable and fixed.


Basic mathematical relations to calculating without and with optimization method


Basic software tools and literature on metallurgy