na vrh


Software for calculation of metallurgical parameters and costs of iron production in blast furnaces, including calculation of agglomeration parameters.
Allso: optimization of burden (at minimum cost or maximum productivity); calculation of minimum possible and actual consumption of coke; technical-economic valuate of ores, pellets, fuels and fluxes; and more ..


  1. When designing the parameters to future production:
    • for projecting metallurgical parameters for operating blast furnaces and agglomerations. This is most often within the framework of making monthly and annual Business Plans .
    • for techno-economic evaluation of agglomeration and furnace materials (calculation of TE-prices), including fuels injected through tuyeres;
    • for engineering analyzes in order to study the impact of changes in the values ​​of the initial parameters on the target parameters,
    • for the development of projects for the construction of new or reconstruction of existing plants for the production of iron using blast furnaces (and within them are plants for agglomeration of ores to sinter or pellets).
  2. When calculating the parameters of current production:
    • to determine the limit values ​​of those parameters that the operators in the current work need to maintain several subsequent shifts (which is usually entered by the chief technologist in the operational Technology Map in the form of instructions, when the constantly valid Instructions are not enough);
    • when operators in current operation calculate new quantities of coke and additives and values ​​of other parameters necessary for the operational management of the furnace;
    • when the calculating of the new amount of coke and additives and the values ​​of other parameters is performed by the appropriate software within the Level 1 or Level 2 automated control system of the VP, which calls the BFC application as a program procedure.
  3. To check the reliability of the values ​​of parameters measured in the plant for the past process, for which it is necessary to determine the existence of imbalances in the material and heat balance.
  4. For a comparative analysis techno-economic parameters for a more  production’s periods.
  5. For a training on the techno-economic aspects of the blast furnace process.